Our quarterly seminars are life-changing meetings for people who want to experience hope, healing and restoration. These seminars deal with variety of topics and are dynamic in nature to achieve the aim of bringing healing, hope and restoration to the participant. Our monthly seminars are free and are at the core of WWM in reaching people with the message of Hope.


We offer quarterly training programs for counselors, church workers, pastors and leaders who require specialized training to be able to reach young people, singles and those who have gone through all forms of abuse. These highly subsidized trainings are designed to be biblical yet very professional to enhance the capacity of those who attend. These trainings are also offered to churches, youth groups or as standoff seminars for churches and ministries. For churches specific tailor made curriculum can be designed for your target audience.


In these meetings we seek to empower singles through sound and biblical      teachings and counseling to make right marital decisions. Meetings are focused around relationship, mentoring, resolving newlyweds conflicts,  pre-marital issues and providing the wisdom of God to help singles navigate this very critical stage of their life and walk.

Wise Walk have several outreach meetings and programmes:

HERE AFTER: it’s a teaching project for secondary school students (basically SS 2 & 3) aimed at helping them prepare for the next phase of life


WISE GIRLS TALK: it’s a project aimed at encouraging girls to speak up when in need of help and support and to speak out when they are being abused or coerce against their will.  During this meeting sanitary pads and/or other products and instructional books are freely distributed to the girls.


LOVE DON’T HURT: Campus outreach that takes place during the Valentine season.


FACEBOOK PAGE: Through our highly interactive Facebook page, we engage, teach, counsel, and pray with people. Wise Walk understand the key role that Social Media technology plays in the life of millennials and this generation. The ministry is focused on maximizing the social media platform for information dissemination, training, counselling and providing a community where lives are touched with the message of Hope. To us our Facebook page is not just a page but a ministry on the web.


Wise Walk produces various newsletters, awareness publications, eBooks, books and manuals for either free distribution or sold at a highly subsidized price. Kindly check our PDF resource page for free eBook download, or online purchase of our books. Hard copies can be requested by calling the office.

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Emike oyemade
president Wise walk ministry

Mrs. Emike Oyemade is passionate about changing lives and equipping others to change lives with the right knowledge through seminars, enlightening and instructive training, insightful teachings, informative books, and life-changing conferences.


Emike is a certified counselor and trainer with vast experience in sexual abuse recovery, pre & post-marital counseling and though her various initiatives restored many broken lives.



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