Why people remain in hurting relationship?

During a counseling session this week, it was obvious that this person was hurting, yet finding it difficult to let go of this hurting relationship. So I decided to share with you some reasons why some people remain in hurting relationship is because

  1. They are afraid to hurt. It is better to hurt a while and make a good decision when the hurt is over than to remain in a hurting relationship. You can never be happy with a partner that makes you unhappy. Is this true about you?
  2. They think they have invested too much time, money, and whatever resources.Every relationship is an investment and whether it turns out for good or otherwise there are some things you can never get back.
  3. The fear of starting again especially if the person thinks he or she is ‘too mature’.It is better to get into the right relationship at 50 than to remain in the wrong one from when you are 25. You are in no relationship competition with anyone so get it all over again if or when there’s a need.
  4. ‘What will people say’ syndrome.I understand that feeling when you have told all your friends and family members that you are engaged and then you are no longer sure because you are not happy with your decision. What you should consider first is not how you friends will feel but how YOU will feel if you remain with a choice that is not giving you happiness.
  5. If they person is meeting a financial need. People like others to pick up their bills even when it is at their own detriment. So when they consider that that financial source will be cut off when they break the relationship they opt for just managing it.
  6. Emotional and sexual needs. It’s so sad that now sex has become a souvenir, no regard for its sacredness and there are many people who are in relationship just to have sex, whether they are happy with their sex partner or not is not important.


Get out of a hurting relationship and stop giving someone the opportunity to treat like trash.

Never get into a relationship with someone who is not committed to God FIRST. Marriage takes more than feelings and having fun times always. You will need God all the way.


Stay bless!

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