What is partnership?

Partnership is a personal commitment to support Wise Walk Ministries with your prayers and finances on a regular basis or a one-time donation. We believe that when you make this commitment, you help us in reaching more people with the message of Hope, healing and restoration that is found in Christ.

Why partner with Wise Walk Ministry?

Wise Walk Ministry is called to reach a unique audience, our partners make everything God has called us to do possible—from the development of faith-building and life-changing resources, to our outreaches and distribution of free books. Daily, we receive testimonies from our partners whose lives have been transformed or healed in some way, those who have risen from the ashes of their traumatic past into a brand new victorious life in Christ. Would it not be amazing, to help us change the life of more people and facilitate the needed hope, healing and restoration? If you believe God is calling you to partner with us, don’t hesitate—sign up today!

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