My fiancée was married for two years and divorced her ex-husband on ground of infidelity. We talked about it and I don’t mind but my parents are insisting that as the first son I must not marry a woman who was once married.


While this may seem a delicate and sensitive issue to handle you want to be sure that you handle it in a sensible way. You need find out why your fiancé divorced her former spouse and be sure they are telling the truth. Do not make your marital decisions based on what she has told you alone, you need to talk to those who knew she was married before and if they can testify that she is not guilty of the issues that resulted in the divorce. The truth is,you are also human and capable of same flaws that made her divorce her first husband. Think about you being in a compromising situation, would you like her to divorce you. You must understand that whatever way she had treated her former husband, is same way she is going t treat you too if she finds you in same mistakes. You also want to consider how forgving she is and if the issues she had in the former marriages could have been resolved by discussion and forgiveness. This even gives you an idea of what you will be putting up with when you marry her.

Your parents will definitely have sentiments that their child who has never been married is getting married to someone with children. The general belief is that a divorcee should marry a divorcee or someone who is widowed. You need to also put your parents’ opinion in perspective because you are not just marrying her; you instantly become a father to her two children. You must be financially and emotionally ready for this. You cannot marry her and send her two young children away. Are you ready to be a father instantly?

Above all, have you prayed about it? If you have peace about marrying her and not so much peace about being a father to her children then you need to go back and pray again. You are going to be searching your heart for being a husband and a father. if you have prayed and convinced God is leading you, then you can speak amicably to your parents to also pray along. Then give them time for God to work on their hearts

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