My husband moved out of our matrimonial home six months ago to live with another woman. He has stopped speaking with me or checking on the children yet he goes on Facebook posting pictures of the children and I giving people the impression that we are still together.Few days ago,it was our wedding anniversary and he posted our wedding pictures saying nice things about me and the marriage. I just want to put an end to all these lies and pretense.


Trust is the foundation of any relationship, and in marriage where there is no trust there can never be true love. Especially when trust is broke by an unremorseful act of infidelity it can be difficult to restore even when the erring partner has been forgiven. Discovering that a partner you trust and have pledged a life time commitment tois cheating can be very heartbroken and it is worse when the cheating partner moves out because they think they have found someone better. It can be devastating.

There’s already enough drama going on in your life, you don’t need any more. What do you want to do, legally divorce him? It’s clear that you are dealing with a man who is probably confused; only a confused man would walk out on his family because of another woman. If he has moved and settled in with another woman why then does he give such impression that he is still with you?Well, this may also show that he knows that he is doing is wrong and need some pretense for cover up.

These are many people posting stuff on social media platforms that are not true and he is one of them. Instead of posting to refute his post, I suggest that you ignore him and his post and focus on your life and children. Focus on moving on and in creating a better life for yourself. It will be too much energy to pick up a fight with him, besides your story would become one of those entertainmentpiece on social media for people to just talk. You will live longer and be in good health if you put aside these kind of worried.

Easier said than done; ask God to grant you grace for such a tough phase of life and trust Him one day at a time to get over it. Stay within a strong support system; your support could be a family member or friend but you need someone you can constantly talk to and pull you up when you are done. Stay knitted to your children because they would feel as traumatic as you are no matter how young they are.

Eventually, you will win.



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