My husband was involved in a ghastly accident five years ago which kept him out of work for a year. By the following year, he got better and was able to move around but refused to get back into active life especially getting a job to contribute to the family up keep. Since the accident till date I foot every bill and I am getting tired of it all.


Taking financial responsible for a home can be tough let alone when it also includes medical bills of a husband who can’t earn. I can only imagine how challenging that must have been for you especially if you had to pay school fees and accommodation bills. I must commend you for standing up to these responsibilities in the past five years and it is not out of place to feel the way you feel right now.

It is good news and a relief that your husband has fully recover and seem to be ready to get back to active business however, his doctors should be the ones to certify that he can go back to active business. Sometimes a person might seem to have recovered fully when they still need time to be fit enough. If he has physically healed and still slow down or reluctant to work, then you need to have a discussion with him to let him know how you feel about the increasing financial burden on you.

For some people, having been out of work that long might need some kind of training just to refresh their mind. Encourage him to go for such trainings, seminars and conferences, besides learning and refreshing his mind, he will meet with people that can open him up for possible vacancy. You also need to observe and question if he needs a counselor to speak with especially if the accident incapacitated a part of his body and no longer function as it used to. If he was a hardworking man who cared for his family before the accident, then he will be eager to get back to life with little support and encouragement. In your place of prayer commit him to God, tell him your desire for your marriage and your home. God will perfect his health and give him job favour.

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