My husband wants to have sex during my monthly period and I find this very messy but he does not. The few times we have tried I did not really enjoy it because it didn’t feel right. I am not sure if it is even medically okay and if I will not get pregnant in the process. Is it really safe for me to have sex during my period?


Adventure Is The Name Of The Name

Some women have asked the same question over and again and there are others who claim that sex during menstruation is fun and just as normal as if they were not on period. The truth is when it comes to intimacy between you and your spouse, the name of the game is ADVENTURE and until you have put it to practice you can never know whether you will like it or not. That you have read or heard it from someone that it could be messy does not mean that you should conclude it to be so. Remember that even the ordinary act of sex without menstruation can be messy for some people. You can devise means to keep your own clean and neat.


No-Sex During Menstruation Is An Old Tradition

I believe in probing into why certain things are done or not being done. Many of the Christian couples who believe that there could be something wrong with intimacy during menstruation is because in the book of Leviticus it was considered an abomination to have anything to do with a woman on her period.


When a woman has a discharge of blood, the impurity of her menstrual period lasts seven days. Anyone who touches her is unclean until evening. Everything on which she lies or sits during her period is unclean. Anyone who touches her bed or anything on which she sits must wash his clothes and bathe in water; he remains unclean until evening. Leviticus 15:19-23


She was in fact considered an ABOMINATION until she was through with it. If she comes in contact with anyone or anything during that period that thing or person is also considered on clean. Thank God for Jesus! Thank God for the Cross! Thank God for the grace of God. I often think about how live would have been if that tradition was still in place for the people of God.


There’s No Medical Threat

There is no proven medical problem associated with sex during a woman’s menstrual circle, but if you really feel concern about this then you could visit a doctor to assure you about the safety of this. Yes it could be messy like you mention because the area is wet, there could be stains, your clothes or sheets could get blood-stains; and this is depending on flow. Someone women ‘flow’ more than others especially on their first and second day. Also depending on positioning, there are ways you could even avoid messing up the sheets.


It is also not painful

Some women have also claimed that sex during menstruation could be painful. I disagree with this because the vagina is not different from what it is when it is not her period. The sight of blood is not an indication of a wound around that area. If a woman experience pain during intimacy when on her period the tendency is that she could experience same when not on her period. And pain during intimacy can be due to various reasons for instance; positioning, sore private parts, being ‘wild’ etc. There are also women who experience painful menstrual cycle that has nothing to do with sex.


Don’t Force It If It Is A Turn Off

For some women everything becomes a DRAG and BORING when on their period, and so sex becomes a huge turn off. They wouldn’t even think about it let alone be involved in it. Even the act of fore-play can become annoying to her. If it makes you ‘sick’ then talk to your spouse about it and ‘invent’ other ways to satisfy him while waiting for you to get ‘dried’. Remember that intimacy is not all about sex; it is more about emotional communication and just enjoying each other even when there is no intercourse. If you can know exactly when your flow will start then you can let him have you right before then.


Go For It If It Works For You

However, sex in marriage is exclusive to the couple and is a function of their likes and dislikes. As long as it is acceptable to a couple it is okay. That something worked for a friend does not mean you must do it. If you are comfortable with it and your partner likes go ahead, if you are worried about the mess, then devise means to reduce the mess; put a towel on the bed first or use the bathroom, use a condom, use a menstrual cap, and use creative positioning.


When comes to satisfying your spouse be uniquely creative!

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