Some people are so addicted to wearing makeup that they can’t imagine being without it. While I am not against wearing makeup, it is good to just appreciate yourself the way you are, without the makeup on. Make up can conceal your contour but it can’t change who you really are. Most brides with the transformation of makeup on their wedding day look different from their original appearance. The artist does a great job covering spots and contours to achieve a flawless face to the admiration of guests. It is okay and advisable for a bride to look her best on her wedding day but beyond the makeup who really are you getting married to? Do you know this person’s character enough to be able to put up with them or you are deciding by all the external features.

To love someone and be loved is a very beautiful thing, to find that one person to spend the rest of your life with is a greatfeeling and so people would do anything just to make someone love them. Even box them to become the kind of mate they desire in marriage. It is amazing what people go through in bid to give or get love. Some guys focus on keeping an attractive physique and money by any means just to woo whatever woman they desire. Some ladies focus on all sorts of makeover that makes them almost unrecognizable, some are just crazy over boobs and butt enhancement and booty pads just to make their natural endowment bigger that it actually is. Little wonder marriages don’t last any more, people focused so much on the fake, the temporal and that which does not last. When considering marriage, be truthful to yourself and look out for someone who will be as truthful and not just keeping up to impress you.

While keeping an attractive look is good, you can’t base your choice of a marital partner on just looks. Looks change with time! Any man who wants a woman because of her boobs and booty is not seeking a long term relationship because those features are interpreted as sex to a man. Booty and boobs makes him wants sex and sex alone is not enough to sustain a marriage. Yes it is possible for a man to have sex with a woman without a heart connection. An ideal marital partner should be attracted to your heart first before your sexual organs.

You can’t choose your man because of his biceps and how loaded his pocket or bank account is. He could grow potbelly and I tell you the truth it is harder to maintain such physique. Would you stop loving him when he begins to grow bigger than when you met? There would be broke days, days that he may not have money to meet all your demands and everything money can buy. There will be days when your needs will surmount what he has to offer. What will you do at such times? Leave him?

When Isaac was going to get married in Gen 24, it was stated that the girl had to be carefully chosen and selected, unfortunately not many young people apply such care when deciding for a life partner. Verse 16, “And the girl was very beautiful and attractive, chaste and modest and unmarried. And she went down to the well, filled her water jar and came up.”

A careful selection has nothing to do with how you feel when that person comes close to you because you might have sexual feelings for someone and it is not a sign that the relationship is right. A careful selection will have to listen to the voice of the spirit; it goes beyond what you think and people’s opinion of who you should marry. Do you know that when you base your choice on careful selection means that you will have to go through moments of contemplations and those are the times when the Holy Spirit impress in your heart which way to go.

The proposed wife in the passage above was first beautiful and this beauty goes beyond what the physical eyes can see. It has to do with a relationship with God, character, integrity, amiable personality, and these are qualities that cannot come on anyone by applying the finest makeup. These are the qualities a young person should first be looking out for before considering other things that can fade away with time. While your makeup can conceal the contours in your face and make you look attractive it can never conceal a bad character. While you are emphasis on the outward appearance so you would get your desired mate, remember that you can easily attract anyone with your looks but your character will keep that person.


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